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L-SHaft Locked CARBON 2-Tone - Black/Red

L-SHaft Locked CARBON 2-Tone - Black/Red

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3 shafts/set
Price: $25.00

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Carbon version of L-style's top-selling dart shaft.
L-SHaft by L-Style is the pinnacle of darts accessories - An ultimate combination of grip strength, ease-of-use, and performance.

Also called Gradiation, these CARBON's feature a 2-tone print in 5 different colors. These are a limited production product made by Natural Nine.

  • Use either L-Style's Shell Lock or Champagne Flight/Ring to ensure a strong hold and prevent robin hoods. Together, these features prevent robin-hoods, reduce deflections, and greatly increase the lifespan of a flight by protecting the flight where it is most vulnerable.
  • L-SHaft is just like any other traditional darts shaft.
  • The top of the shaft is wide open and makes it easy to insert the flight on the shaft.
  • Comes with 3 Champagne Rings.