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L-style L6d PRO Dimple Slim Champagne Flight

L-style L6d PRO Dimple Slim Champagne Flight

3 flights in a set
Price: $7.48

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L-style's Champagne Flight is the only flight compatible with the L-style Champagne Ring System. When used together, the flight and shaft create an unbeatable and reliable hold, prevents "Robin-Hoods" and allows for long-term durability.
These flights are compatible with all L-style shafts or almost any brand nylon/plastic shaft

  • QUALITY MADE: Manufactured in Japan, these dart flights are pre-molded to 90 degree angles for maximum accuracy and shape retention. The brand Lstyle Global, Inc. is one of the leading names in dart accessories/supplies worldwide as well for all skill levels.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE BUT LIGHTWEIGHT: Reinforced at the top and bottom edges of each flight to reduce ripping. This reinforcement makes these dart flights perfect for soft tip darts and steel tip darts. Dimpled texture for increased stability and reduced drag just like a golf ball does with its dimpled surface.
  • UNIQUE AND CUSTOMIZABLE: A unique cut out in each dart flight is to insert a champagne ring, which makes it impossible to “robin-hood” the dart shaft. Champagne rings come with all Lstyle shafts and are also sold separately in 19 different colors.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Fits on any brand of nylon, plastic or carbon shafts.
  • Why Slim Shape?: The Slim shaped flight is designed for the fast-flying dart and allows the tail to stay low. Dart flight shape is a personal preference. A standard shaped flight generally suits someone who throw is curved - lobbing the dart at the dartboard while a slimmer flight suits someone with a straight and fast throw.
  • Dimensions: Width from wing to wing 23.75mm. Overall length 44.4mm.

*Does not come with champagne ring.

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