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L-style Dimple Small Standard Champagne Flight

L-style Dimple Small Standard Champagne Flight

3 flights in a set
Price: $7.50
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The Champagne Flight, is the only flight compatible to the Champagne Ring. Together, the flight and shaft makes an ultimate hold, prevents robin-hoods, and create long durability.
This flight has a dimpled aerodynamic surface that works like a dimpled golf ball and helps the flight stabilize into the air and fly straighter.

  • Small-Standard is very similar to Standard but a little bit smaller. If you want a flight with good lift that's not too big this is a great balance. Just enough drag to keep the dart straight but not so much that it slows down the dart.
  • Works best with nylon or carbon shafts.
  • Dimensions: Width from wing to wing 34mm. Overall length 44mm
*Does not come with champagne ring.